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The EIT-KIC project CityFlows aims to improve the liveability of crowded pedestrian spaces through the provision of decision-support for the management of pedestrian flows. In the process to meet this aim, the CityFlows project tests and evaluates various innovative crowd monitoring techniques in real-life settings where large crowds meet, such as mass events, tourist spaces and transfer hubs. Moreover, the CityFlows project prepares a unique crowd management decision support system for market launch which incorporates these state-of-the-art monitoring techniques.


Impact COVID-19 on CityFlows project
23 June 2020

COVID-19 has rapidly spread across the world. Very evasive measures have been required to limit the impact of this new disease on the general health of the population. The CityFlows team has worked hard to come up with a mitigation strategy for the CityFlows project process.
Kick-off meeting CityFlows @ AMS
2 March 2020

The very first face-to-face meeting of the complete set of CityFlows project partners has been realized. Besides some organisational issues, this meeting was also used to acquint the partners with the latest developments regarding the crowd monitoring systems of the city of Amsterdam.

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